Our analysts will help your business in analyzing and interpreting data, making impactful recommendations regarding branding and making the most of your web presence.

Analytics is the process of turning figures into meaningful information, resulting in data insights that can be acted on to improve program effectiveness and efficiency. The adoption of big data analytics can help agencies maintain performance in times of diminishing budgets and resources by helping program staff identify more effective strategies and reduce inefficiencies.

Most government agencies and programs collect significant quantities of data, either directly, or via mandatory reporting by grantees. In the past, the cost and complexity of advanced analytics often meant that this treasure trove of data was only briefly reviewed for compliance, instead of being analyzed and used to improve performance. XPAND's Performance Analytics solutions changes all that. XPAND's cloud based analytics tools will give any office or program a near instant jump-start, harnessing big data analytics to achieve better results and improved performance.

XPAND's Performance Analytics can help you quickly identify service gaps, identify ways to improve processes, reduce costs, improve service delivery, and achieve better outcomes. An easy-to-use dashboard with integrated GIS and data visualization tools will enable you to start gaining insights and improving performance in no time at all. With our analytics solutions, there is no need to wait to build your own infrastructure or develop your complex software. Our cloud-based solution will be ready for use from the very first day. XPAND will also provide skilled staff to work with agency personnel in tailoring the solution to your specific needs.