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XPAND's mobile- first strategy enables easy information retrieval and productivity on the go.

Mobile is rapidly becoming the platform of choice for Americans. More than 50 percent of all Internet access is being done via mobile device of some sort, including mobile phones, tablets, and notebooks. It is anticipated that by 2015, more people will be accessing the Internet via mobile phones than via traditional desktop computers. For this reason, it is essential that companies and government agencies adapt their access and service delivery strategies to include mobile devices. In fact, for many organizations, a "mobile first" strategy is already the best approach.

Not surprisingly, the transition to mobile presents both opportunities and challenges. One of the biggest advantages of cell phones is their portability and integrated maps and GPS, which makes it possible to deliver very effective location-aware solutions. On the other hand, mobile screens are significantly smaller than desktop screens, thus requiring much more attention to usability and navigation design. Another significant problem is that unlike desktops, there is no standard screen size or shape, making it particularly challenging to design solutions that work well for all phones. In fact, it is estimated that there are more than 4000 variations of operating system version and screen size for the Android platform alone!

XPAND has the expertise and experience to deal with the complexities of mobile development.Our talented staff will help you establish a well-rounded mobile presence based on native mobile apps and mobile websites for IOS and Android phones, as well as SMS, and QR codes.